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There's a first time for everything.

The best way to learn is as a beginner. Trying different things is the essence of the learning curve. It requires your full attention for repeated durations. Be honest with yourself.

The hardest part of college is registering. The government pays for it; if one knows where to look. i.e.

I've seen quite a few people helped in the world simply by having an example to follow. There is no place better for finding examples than in the beginning of anything! But, test everything and judge by the fruit.

Truthfully, it seems everywhere is a new language. Language, being man made, changes from person to person and from field to field. Learning anything new typically either new words or new perspectives. The words themselves often translate into synonyms across other fields. The ability to decipher between the differences provides the a person the opportunity to communicate with like minded others.

For example, a big "P" or a little "p" means a world of different things to a large variety of people. Whether in statistics, physics, meteorology, electrical diagrams or any number of community languages, varying definitions are given to similar language symbols. Differentiating between the definitions is the essence of language dissection.

How many divisive ideas stem from an unwillingness to understand someone else's different definition of "P"? It can be challenging and uncomfortable to learn something new. The hardest is simply beginning to do so.

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